About the celsius scale

Celsius is a temperature scale where 0 C indicates the melting point of ice and 100 C indicates the steam point of water. Yup, it's the "melting point of ice", not the "freezing point of water". A very subtle difference indeed! I didn't know this until I was doing research for this website. It certainly makes a good cocktail party conversation:)

The temperature of "absolute zero" is at -273.15 C which is a state where no energy remains in a substance. This by the way is precisely 0 Kelvin. It is very cold! Just think about how cold it is when it's -30C in the winter, grrrr. Some places on Earth measure -40 or even colder temperatures but where I live in Ontario, Canada, I would say cold starts when it's below -10C but we rarely get days below -20C thanks to Lake Ontario!

The Celsius scale was developed by a Swedish scientist called Andreus Celsius. The symbol for celsius is °C and just like fahrenheit, it's also measured in degrees.